Nerdtacular 2017

As you might have heard already, I will be attending Nerdtacular 2017! This is a pretty momentous occasion for me. For those who don’t know what Nerdtacular is, it’s a convention focused around the Frogpants Studios podcast network. Based in Salt Lake City, it’s a network of mostly pop culture and geeky podcasts, with a strong tendency toward Blizzard properties.

I started listening to them in 2013 (a pretty depressing period of my life), and they had a profound impact. Not only did the musings of Scott Johnson, Brian Ibbott, and a multitude of other podcasters help me survive that time period, but they helped me thrive and flourish. It’s because of them that you have the 8-bit Adventures Podcast, and why I’ve been much more committed to my comics than before.

I had the pleasure of meeting several podcasters from the affiliated AmoveTV network at CreateCon in Orlando last year, and it ranks up there with my Warcraft guild meetups as some of my favorite memories. I’m really looking forward to Nerdtacular, and to meet both fans and content creators. My goal is to at least say hello and thank everyone for the work they do, because it has only made my life profoundly better – at the very least, I know I’ll meet some cool people!

I’m going to try and take as many photos and videos as I can manage, but there will also be a livestream of the conference. You can view the stream and event schedule here.